Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich

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(19.3. 1629 - 29.1. 1676)

The parents:
Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov and Evdokin Streshnevskaia.

The wifes:
1st Maria Miloslavskaia, 2nd Natalia Naryshkina

The children:
He had a total of sixteen children, by two wives, born between the late 1640s and ca. 1674.
He was succeeded by his son, Fedor III (1676 - 1682), then Ivan V (1682) and, finally, by his youngest son, Peter the Great (1682 - 1740)

The educator:
B. I. Morozov - a wealthy and powerful land owner with some 55,000 peasants. Morozov's role in government was to research and implement reforms designed to control social rebellion. For the most part, Morozov caused more discontent (new taxes).

The rule:
Tsar Alexei reigned from 1645 to 1676. Alexis' reign and personal thought was tormented with a conflict between a devotion to old Russian tradition and the new, emerging elements of Western Europe. Alexis considered Ivan the Terrible to be the perfect role model of a Russian ruler.

The law code:
The Ulozhenie included 967 articles with roughly 90 the result of public petitions.
Possibly the most reaching article was the establishment of serfdom. The new law code removed movement limitation and set the stage for a serf system which closely resembled slavery.

1650 Rebellion in Pskov
1654-56 Smolensk War, with Poland
1655 Campaign against Vilno
1656-58 War with Sweden, Russians captured Dorpat but not Riga
1660-71 Stenka Razin rebellion
1667 Armistice of Andrusovo
1667-76 Siege of Solovetskii Monastery (Old Believers)
1676 Peace treaty with Poland

Source: http://www.rispubs.com