Stepan Timofeyevich Razin
russian tsar from dynasty of Romanoffs (1645-1676)
Alexej Michailovich
older brother, executed by prince Dolgorukij
Ivan Razin
younger brother, executed 26th May 1676
Frol Razin
esaul, one of the best friends
Frol Minajev
friend, killed by enemy's Cossacks
Javkov Gavrilov
friend, killed in the battle
Ivan Cernojarec
Cossack's commander, he joined to Razin's army, died  of unknown disease
Vasilij Us
Cossack's commander, Razin's ally
Sergej Křivý
prime Cossack's leader, Stenka's godfather, he captured Razin
Kornilo Jakovlev
prince, one of the worst Razin's enemies, he let by reason of insurrection execution of Razin's brother Ivan
Jurij Alexejevich Dolgorukij
boyar, he commanded tsar's army in Simbirsk's battle and broken down resistance Razin's forces
prince, dogged Razin's enemy, overthrowed from tower by Razin after conquered Astrachan
Ivan Semjonovich Prozorovskij
boyar prince, finally captive by Razin's forces in Cerny Jar
Semjon Ivanovich Lvov
boyar prince
Petr Semjonovich Ursov

Razin´s best frindes,
allies and enemies

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